SWE Headquarters

The Society of Women Engineers was founded in 1950 as a non-profit education and service organization, addressing the growing need to support and encourage success among women engineers. From an initial group of fifty women, SWE has grown to encompass over 17,000 members in 90 professional and 300 student chapters. Learn more about SWE as a global organization here, or learn how to become a member.

SWE at Rutgers University

The Rutgers SWE Section was chartered in 1975. Its members include both female and male engineering students whose cause is to promote women in engineering. The Society provides a platform for women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expands the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in the quality of life, and demonstrates the value of diversity.

SWE at the Rutgers Fall Involvement Fair 2014

Benefits of Joining the Rutgers Section

Building skills useful in your career: There are opportunities to plan meetings, organize career guidance events, hone your public speaking skills, and even plan conference. Being active in a professional organization will show your future employers that you have the initiative to take on more responsibility.
Experience with other members: Meeting women from companies or other universities and reading about the careers of successful members in the society's magazine can provide you with role models and mentors.
Networking: SWE offers many opportunities to make contacts at small and large companies to further develop relationships with companies even before you graduate.
Effect on your career: SWE can be of benefit when you need to find a job or later decide to change your career. There are nationwide resources to take advantage of, such as SWE resume databases and the annual career fairs.
Fun: It's fun to get together with your SWE friends. Meetings are both informational and social. The friends you make here will go farther than just one night a week!
Interaction: Through Networking Nights and informative workshops, the NJ SWE Professional Section is an important support network for the Rutgers Chapter of SWE.
Teaching: Students learn how to develop communication and leadership skills that will be important for their future in the professional world.


Over the years, Rutgers SWE has been the recipient of many awards recognizing the accomplishments of our members.

WE Local Outstanding Professional Development Event Award (2019)

WE Local Joint Professional/Collegiate Event Award (2019)

SWE Mission Award - Gold Collegiate Chapter (2018)

SWE Region E Governor's Choice Award (2018)

EGC Best Outreach Event (2018)

EGC Social Butterfly (2018)

EGC Perfect Attendance(2018)

EGC Event of the Semester - SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair (2017)
EGC Best High School Outreach (2017)
EGC Best Networking Event (2017)
EGC Best Jointly Held Event (2017)
EGC Best Underrepresented Society (2017)
EGC Social Butterfly (2017)
SWE Region E Outstanding Collegiate Section First Place (2017)
Region E Governor's Choice Award for the 29th Annual SHE-SWE-MEET Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair (2015)
Most Active Rutgers Engineering Organization - Rutgers Engineering Governing Council (2013-14) & (2014-15)
Best Rutgers Engineering Organization - Rutgers Engineering Governing Council (2012-13)
Region E Outstanding Collegiate Section - Honorable Mention (2009)
Certificate of Merit Award (2009)
Outstanding Collegiate Certificate of Merit Award (2007)
Outstanding Collegiate Activities Certificates (2005)
Membership Program Award (2003)
Membership Program Award (2002)

Notable Member Accomplishments

Stephanie Tu - awarded the 2019 WE Local Guiding Star Award for being an exceptional collegiate leader that has made outstanding contributions to SWE, the engineering community, Rutgers as a whole, and the community (2019)

Funded twenty-two (record number) members to attend the Region E Conference - Drexel University, Philadelphia (2015)
Record number of members attend first general meeting (Ice Cream Social) - 120+ attendance with lines out the door (2014)
Bianca - created google shared drive for better event planning and board member collaboration (2014)
Yifan - record number of companies and attendees at the 29th Annual SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair. 42 companies and 500+ students attended (fall 2014)
Khadeejah - created sponsorship packet and levels (2013-2014), created Alumni Relations chair position
Brianne - created community outreach and industry mentorship chair positions (2013)
Victoria - created career fair company lists (2010)

Rutgers SWE awarded the SWE Mission Award by the Society of Women Engineers