SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair - 2014

Corporate Panel with Deloitte - 2014

Corporate Events

We invite corporate companies to come in for professional development events throughout the year to help students develop career skills and learn industry knowledge, as well as providing them information about career opportunities.

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Interested in participating in an event with Rutgers SWE? Contact the External Vice President, Tiffany Yang, for more information!

SHE-SWE-MEET Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair

Every year we partner up with other Rutgers engineering minority societies (NSBE and SHPE) to host the annual SHE-SWE-MEET Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair, the largest student-run career fair on the engineering campus. This event connects students of minority to top employers to further their career efforts. With over 40 companies and 500 students attending the career fair in 2014, Rutgers SWE received the SWE 2015 Region E Governor's Choice Award for hosting an event that aligns best with SWE's strategic and professional goals. This year, the 31st Annual SHE-SWE-MEET Career Fair will be held on Friday, October 14th, 2016 at the Rutgers University - New Brunswick campus.

If you are interested in bringing your company to the SHE-SWE-MEET Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair, please contact the External Vice President, Sophia Blanc, for more information!

Industry Mentorship Program

The Industry Mentorship Program is a full year program that aims to prepare its participants for the corporate world. The program pairs SWE members with industry professionals based on the future goals, current engineering track and the general interests of the participant.

Interested in having your company participate? Contact the Industry Mentorship Chair, Sara Koshy, for information, questions, or concerns.

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